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Avicii Swedish musician

Tim Bergling (Swedish: 8 September 1989/20 April 2018) Avicii is DJ, remixer and record producer.

Avicii information

Born :- 8 September 1989

Birth name :- Tim Bergling

Died :- 20 April 2018

Years active :- 2006-2018

Occupation s :- DJ,remixer,record producer,Musician

Labels :- Avicii,UMG


Instruments :- FL studio,Logic pro,Guitar,Piano,Keyboard

Website :- avicii.com

Associated acts :- Coldplay,David Guetta,Wyclef jean

She was nominated for a Grammy for Best Dance Recording with "Level" at Berling 2013 Grammy Awards. He was nominated alongside Kevin Harris and Ne-Yo, Skrillex, Swedish House Mafia and John Martin, and Al Walser. The award ceremony was held on February 10, 2013. At the beginning of March 2013 at the beginning of March 2013, the Baring Tour has traveled to Australia, which is played by a Prodigy and The Stone Rojas at the Future Music Festival.

 In late February, Barring made his first South American tour, with concerts in Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Chile.Charling was a featured performer at the Lollapaluza festival in Grant Park, Chicago on August 4, 2012. On August 12, 2012, he released "Bestportunity of the State of My Head" (Abhique's 'Bain Crashed Mix').

A radio edit "Trackless" titled "Untitled" was released on iTunes on August 14, 2012, and subsequently released a Remix EP on October 30, 2012, which tracks remixes from Charlie Bernardo and Michael Woods. On September 26, 2012, Barling made history as the first DJ to head the world famous Radio City Music Hall in New York City. He was supported by Matt Goldman and Cazzette at two shows. His Radio City Music Hall showed that he played a preview of his new track with Mike Pensentillde "Stay with you".

In 2012, "Cohen" with David Guetet was nominated for a Grammy Award under a best prize distribution department. Sampling was not recognized and controversy arose as trying to block Belling for the release of the unit. The matter has been settled with the delegates presented outside the court "" Leon Lyvis and Abisi will work together in concert together.


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