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Lionel Messi

   Lionel Messi short biography

Date: June 24, 1987Birthplace: Rosario (Argentina)Father: George Messi, Occupation: Day-labore workerMother: Selina Maria, Occupation: CleanerNationality: Argentina / SpainHeight: 5 ft 7 in.Club: Barcelona.Position: Striker / WingerJersey Number: 10The Argentine's left leg is the second name of the legendary Magician, who has been playing football since very young age, Ballon d'Or win Lionel Messi 5 times.


The current player has started playing football since the age of 5 just for the Grandly, it is a local club club coaching, Messi himself is George's father. At the age of 8, Messi joins a club based on his birthplace Rosario-based club named Newell's Olds He was only 11 years old when he was diagnosed with hormonal disorder. He was diagnosed with a lot of money every month for the treatment of this disease. Was yojana. Messi used to spend 1500 dollars per month, but Messi's family was not able to continue the cost, although another local club River-Plate was interested in signing Messi but they did not agree to pay Messi's cost.Then comes some of the most important sections of Messi's life.Barcelona responded to Messi's talent and Messi allowed Barcelona to have a trial, and seeing that then Barcelona coach Carles Rexhe was happy and expressed interest in signing the contract with Messi. So, at the age of 13, he left Spain in Spain. Messi and his entire family gathered.Messi joins Barcelona's Youth Academy La-Masia and has the opportunity to train and Messi's full cost to Barcelona club authority is borne. Messi then got his teammate at this famous academy in Barcelona, ​​telling trusted stars like Zeb, Puell, Valdés, Iniesta Right from there, this little wizard became a full-fledged footballer. On November 16, 2003, Messi was 16 years and 145 years old when he was born in Barcelona. Then on 17th of August 2005 the first international match with Hungary After that there was no look back. In 2014, the team went to the final of the World Cup. Then took the 2016-2017 Copa America to the final stage. He is the best player of the present.


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